Packaging, Transportation products portfolio

Our extensive aluminium range, including durable aluboxes, versatile alu cases, and customizable aluminum storage boxes, caters to diverse needs. With our commitment to strength, versatility, and bespoke design, we ensure each aluminium box, case, or transport container elevates your logistics experience.

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Sector-specific solutions

Bespoke aluminium solutions for the defence industry, logistics and a lot more. Tailored for various sectors, our range includes robust aluboxes, alu cases, and customizable transport boxes. Choose our durable aluminium cases and boxes for unparalleled packaging efficiency.

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Design, Development, Manufacturing

At ALU-LOGIC, we specialize in designing and manufacturing custom-sized aluminium cases tailored to meet your specific project needs. Our skilled team ensures each alubox, aluminium box, or transport case is optimized for maximum functionality and durability, perfectly fitting your product requirements.

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Why Alu-Logic?

Corporate Profile

Elevate your logistics with ALU-LOGIC's aluminum boxes - the green choice for superior packaging, shipping, and storage. Experience the strength, versatility, and bespoke designs.

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News & Events

Latest product news and events

Alu-Logic offers all-round foamed lid seal as option.The all-round foamed lid seal is available to our NA 740 Defense box series aluminium boxes. The all-round foamed lid seal improves the IP protection.

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Sales & Support

Sales support for Alu-Logic aluminium boxes

Map based sales information on distributors and resellers, as well as in house sales contacts for your geographical area with all necessary information, where you can obtain professional service.

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