About us

Why Alu-Logic?

The core of Alu-Logic logistics products and systems

We are a production & engineering company and a network of dedicated dealers / resellers constantly gathering market- and application knowledge of the products, as aluboxes, aluminum storage boxes we make.

We manufacture and finish or engineer all our core products and supply all services ourselves or by the means of contract manufacturing. We place a high value on innovation. Our company is managed as a value-based organization.

At Alu-Logic, it is all about our promise to help our customers to accelerate growth.

And to support this promise, we know we must attract talented people that can solve complex problems with the latest technologies and methodologies. We continually work on creating an environment and culture where these problem-solvers can thrive. From creative design to precision manufacturing, our people rise to the challenge of understanding and addressing the unique opportunities faced by each of our customers.

Last but not least, we would like to contribute to sustainable development with our recyclable alu boxes and aluminum cases in the industrial, commercial, public and private sectors.

Corporate Profile

Alubox - an ultimate storage box as multi-path packaging - returnable & reusable & recyclable

Alubox - an ultimate storage box as multi-path packaging - returnable & reusable & recyclable

As an engineering company of hardware packaging and logistics solutions, manufacturer & distributor of standard & custom packaging products & supplies made of aluminum by using renewable energy sources, we are ready to serve you with our best practice solutions:

  • Aluminium box as storage box, an endurable and recyclable multi-path, multi-cycle packaging solution - returnable & re-usable alubox.
  • Aluminium flat pallets for logistics solutions.

Being a solution provider, we are active in various markets with our expertise in development and manufacturing, constantly gathering and applying market- and application knowledge to the products we make for defense and aviation, offshore industry, pharmaceutical industry, food processing, logistics and archiving.

Our alu box types are widely used in various sectors of the industry from the offshore to the defense industry as aluminum storage box and also in the private sector as aluminum case.

Ultimate solutions for real needs. Welcome to Alu-Logic!

A product innovation expert with the ability to discover, design, develop, and deliver market-leading products under one roof.

We make aluminum boxes and aluminum pallets as platform of a best price packaging solution for storage and transportation for the industry and logistics. That's all what we do!

Recyclable aluminum box promotionThe Green Choice - use recyclable, multi-path, returnable ALUMINUM BOXES for storage and transportation!