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The Green Choice - Aluminium Boxes and Containers for the Offshore Industry... a sustainable packaging solution

2014-07-02 09:19:16

There is increasing scientific evidence that human activity is negatively impacting the environment. The political climate also is changing. ln addition, how companies view environmental issues is emerging as a component of a healthy "bottom line." Slowly, but with ever-increasing momentum, companies are paying heed to their carbon footprint.

Companies promoting a "green mindset" are focusing on environmental issues that not only will contribute to better profitability but also enhance the company's positive reputation in the minds of consumers. Therefore sustainability is good business and, if done well, can be profitable.

Sustainability is all about reducing the use of natural resources and reducing solid waste and hazardous material from our production processes.  Lean manufacturing and sustainability are synergistic - reducing resource inputs in manufacturing processes and reducing materials that end up in landfills are cost beneficial and improve overall profitability.  The next generation of business leaders will be under increasing pressure to commit to improving our planet's future health by developing cost efficient and profitable eco-friendly operations.

Sophisticated warehouse management systems are incorporating strategies to streamline storage, increasing productivity through infrastructure changes, reducing energy costs, and choosing reusable/recyclable packaging.

One of the easiest solutions for greening the supply chain is to choose reusable aluminium boxes and aluminium shipping containers. Industries shifting to reusable non-wood and non-plastic boxes and containers are realizing substantial cost-saving benefits as well as reduced risk of damaged goods in transit, improved safety and reduction in solid waste disposal fees.

Two of the most cost-effective shipping and handling solutions are aluminum boxes and aluminium pallets.  Why aluminum- bauxite, from which the metal is produced, is one of the most abundant natural elements in the earth's crust. Aluminum also resists the ravages of time and temperature.   It is extremely lightweight in relation to its strength, it is an inert material that is not combustible and poses no health risks. Because it is recyclable, it provides an exceptional return on investment.  When aluminum is recycled multiple times, its life cycle impact on the environment is greatly reduced.  And it is important to note that aluminum can be recycled repeatedly without losing its integrity.

Alu-Logic Ltd. offers excellent "green" shipping and handling solutions. Their lightweight aluminum boxes and aluminium containers are ideal for closed-loop and automated retrieval systems.  Alu-Logic can customize products to meet specific material handling needs.  The company offers a variety of additional packaging customization services including internal foam linings and inserts, as well as partition walls, etc.